Because Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) had a rendezvous with married man, Andy Hui (許志安), the theme song for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold (開心速遞) sitcom sang by her was supposed to air in mid May but was withdrew now. In addition, Chris Lai (黎諾懿) and Jacqueline hosted the show (懿想得到) in Malaysia was affected and it was rumoured that all her scenes would be deleted. Thus, TVB had to arrange another artiste to shoot the scenes again in Malaysia since it was arranged to air in June. When asked if all Jacqueline’s scenes were deleted in the show (懿想得到) during an interview with Ming Pao (明報), Chris said: “No idea. It depends on the company.” He added there was no other alternatives if needed to shoot it again and hoped the whole issue would be forgotten quickly.

Earlier on Instagram, Chris was attacked by the netizens when sharing the promotion video clip for the show (懿想得到) hosted together with Jacqueline and some even told him to keep a distance from her.