Rumours between Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) begin to circulate after filming ICAC Investigators 2019 (廉政行動2019) drama together and it turned out that he had expected it: “All actors worked together with her have gossips. We are good friends and I do not mind it, but please do not write over the limit.”

Carlos pointed Jeannie looked feminine on the surface but had a male like character and loved to have fun. Thus, he understood the reason behind the rumours. She always has many gossips as we do not know her that well. Honestly, she is a good friend who has expectations and targets in her acting career, other than her beautiful appearance. Jeannie prepares her homework well for every scene and there is 4 film directors in ICAC Investigators 2019 drama. All always praise she works fast and is a hardworking actress.”

Carlos recalled that Jeannie felt slightly unhappy as he accidentally hit her while trying to catch the criminal in the sea scene, but she remained professional and continued with the shooting. She then checked on her injury after completing the job. Since Jeannie is a good woman, ever wonder if she fits Carlos’s criteria as his girlfriend and his reaction upon mentioning his old love, Jennifer Yu?