TVB actress, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) was filming new drama, The Great Soy Factory (大醬園) lately and played a worker in the factory. A few days ago, Rebecca was rehearsing for a scene which she was nearly hurt while delivering goods and her rumoured boyfriend, Matthew Ho (何廣沛) managed to save her in time, but it frightened her badly.

Rebecca said: “It is my first time to ride a tricycle today and there is a sharp turn. Before the shooting, the film director practises with me and Matthew is sitting behind me. I must stop once he pats on my shoulder and I am nearly injured, but he manages to save me in time. Anyway, it is scary.”

Rebecca was grateful to the film director for giving her additional time to practise cycling and said: “The filming is finally wrapped up successfully after the film director practises together with me several times. It is extremely frightening.”