Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) and Adam Pak (栢天男) attended a watch event together on 26th April 2019. As he turned 37 years old, Adam hoped to have additional performance opportunities and film love theme movie with the veteran, Chrissie in the future. She denied she was a veteran and wished to have her work collection as an unforgettable memory to the audiences.

Adam expressed he dared not say Chrissie was considered his dream lover and “goddess” and would not feel embarrassed to shoot love movie, once devoted into the role character. Chrissie agreed with him as well: “I feel happy to shoot love film and can only use acting to pamper myself now. I cannot understand when the film producer and director keep telling me to film bitter romance every time.”

Chrissie revealed she had suitors but lacked of time for communication and was used to her single life now. They did not become friends eventually and Chrissie said: “My friend did introduce guys to me and it is quite embarrassing to have dinner together, without knowing it.”