Jennifer Yu (余香凝) was invited to a wine function with EXO group member, Chanyeol (燦烈) on 26th April 2019. She expressed she did not really have any favourite idols when small but nearly joined Fiona Sit’s (薛凱琪) fan club at the time: “I was given little pocket money during my schooling days and choose to save the money to buy stationary. I feel I am dreaming when my idol, Fiona offered to wipe the red wine stain near my mouth during Hong Kong Film Awards (金像獎).”

Jennifer added she liked Park Yoochun (朴有天) but it was a pity that he was suspected to take drugs and she said: “I prefer to watch his drama to singing as he has good acting skills. I am very disappointed in him after reading the recent news and hopefully he will keep going in his life.”