Niki Chow (周勵淇) has been focusing on her career in Mainland China in recent years and suddenly announced that she was married to Chinese actor, Fu Chengpeng (傅浤鳴) on Instagram in December 2018. She continued her work in China after getting married.

According to a reader, Mr Yang (楊先生) from Apply Daily (蘋果) on 26th April 2019, he furnished photos of Niki with the content, Niki owed the wages which caused a private company owned by Mr Xu in financial difficulties and left Mr Xu’s contact details behind. Apple Daily tried to contact Mr Xu but nobody answered the phone for a long period of time and called Niki thereafter. She replied via text: “It is fake news. I am totally clueless and even check with the company if somebody is playing a prank on them. It provides private transportation service and it has been a few years since I patronise them.” As for Mr Xu, he used to work as a chauffeur and had changed to another occupation. He remembered it was around 5 to 6 years ago when fetching Niki and there was no financial problem at all.