Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui (許志安) were caught kissing passionately in the car in mid April 2019 and it shocked the whole world. Both stopped their work immediately and it mark the end of their careers. Despite posting an apology on Instagram, she failed to pacify the netizens and escaped to Los Angeles to pursue her acting course a few days ago. The scandal caused heavy impacts to the new drama which might need to re-shoot or suspend forever. Jacqueline continued to be slammed by the public and some netizens even begun to protest on Facebook.

It has been more than a week since the scandal happened and the netizens protested by starting an online petition and demanding TVB to terminate the contract with Jacqueline immediately. The headline was a woman of loose morals and it cannot be accepted in this world (人盡可夫,天地不容) and the action was known as known as chase the fox away (驅狐行動). They said: “Hopefully it will reach more than 10,000 people and use the media influences to pressure TVB to terminate the contract.” There is a link in the content as well: “Our aim is to get rid of Jacqueline in TVBOXNOW (公仔箱) and request TVB to cancel the contract between Jacqueline and her manager. Please strip off her first runner-up title in 2012 Ms Hong Kong Beauty Pageant (2012年香港小姐亞軍資格) and get Jacqueline to make a public appearance to make an apology.” In addition, 1500 people have signed the petition at this point.

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