The new film (生前約死後) starring Steven Ma (馬浚偉) as the actor and director is likely to air its premiere in Hong Kong in November 2019 and he planned to participate in various art exhibitions worldwide. He also expressed its desire to win an award at an international art exhibition.

The plot of the movie (生前約死後) illustrated Steven’s personal experiences and the ways to handle different problems such as kinship and life and death. Earlier, it was portrayed in a stage play and the female lead, Josephine Koo (顧美華) acted as his mother again. It added new cast team members including Jennifer Yu (余香凝) and Himmy Wong (黃定謙) in the film this time. Jennifer expressed that the kinship scenes would definitely make people felt warmth. As for Steven, he needed to handle many areas personally and continued to have positive energy, despite the big challenge.