Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui (許志安) were forced to stop their work immediately after their scandal was exposed and it shocked the whole world. As her new drama are either required to re-shoot or suspend, it affects several artistes. As Forensic Heroes IV (法證先鋒IV) drama is confirmed to re-shoot, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) are pointed to be the hot favourites for Jacqueline’s replacement.

Other than that, the new series, The Offliners (堅離地愛堅離地) and Finding Her Voice (牛下女高音) starring Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Jacqueline are suspended because of the scandal as well. Thus, another new drama, My Commissioned Lover (婚姻合伙人) portraying Matt Yeung (楊明) and Samantha Ko (高海寧) is replacing The Offliners series and broadcasting in May 2019. Based on the news source, Owen might need to re-shoot Finding Her Voice drama but he already coloured his hair to black lately and went for a holiday to Tokyo, after wrapping up Al Cappuccino (極道怪咖) series. On 3rd May, Owen shared photo of himself tying up the shoe lace and left an online message: “Taking a break in order to walk a long road ahead.”

According to the information, Jacqueline had scenes from the beginning to the finale of Finding Her Voice drama (30 episodes) and the cast team members including Hugo Ng (吳岱融), Chung King Fai (鍾景輝) and Ram Chiang (蔣志光) might need to film it again in July. When asked about it, Hugo replied to the media: “I will not blame anybody and will give my full efforts. Hopefully it will be airing.”

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