29 years old Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) is surrounded by many love rumours since joining the industry and it turned out that she only had 4 relationships in the past. The longest romance lasted for 4 years and it caused a phobia to her, as they ended it because of long distance problem. Despite that, Jeannie believed she would meet the right person at the right timing one day but remained sceptical about the marriage, because she did not believe eternal love.

In 2016, Jenanie met King of Gambling, Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) son, Arnald Ho (何猷亨) and both separated after 8 months. She was even pointed as “materialistic girl” when failing to marry him at the time and revealed the reason behind the separation, in order to prove her innocence. As for her new rumoured boyfriend, Carlos Chan (陳家樂), Jeannie gave a definite reply that it was impossible between them. Ever wonder why Jeannie has no interest in Carlos who is a nice and good looking man?

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