Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and her husband, Jeremy held hands together and turned up at the activity (The One香港無名英雄人道獎2019) for the first time on 8th May 2019. He placed his hand over her waist lightly during the photography session and they resembled a sweet couple. Linda said: “It is a charity dinner banquet and I need a male partner, so I ask my husband to accompany me.” She added Jeremy chose the cheongsam for her and she chose a matching suit for him as well.

When mentioned about Mother’s Day was arriving soon, Linda believed she would have dinner together with her family: “My daughter, Kelly draws something for my mother, her brother and me everyday. I am contented as long as my son, Jared gives me a kiss and he starts to crawl now. He is very cute and even loves to bite slippers.”

Linda confessed she had no intention to have another baby as making a living was not easy and planning to focus on taking care of her children. She hoped her kids would have their own “weapons” in order to survive in this world.