Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) turned 38 years old on 3rd May 2019 and many friends celebrated together with her. On 12th May 2019, a blogger, “Marcus Yip” (葉朗程) called as “IFC Julian Cheung (張智霖)” [IFC張智霖] wrote a story about a woman at a posh hotel room on Facebook. The content was related to a woman born in Taurus horoscope sign and a man were in a plane and booked a room at a 6 stars hotel for a birthday party subsequently. However, the “three players” concept had a different meaning to the opposite party.

In addition, the photo of the woman’s back view was uploaded and she was looking at the night scenery at the Central. Many netizens with sharp eyes recognised the female lead was Natalie Tong as she also shared photo of herself wearing a black dress, looking at the beautiful scenery and making a wish during her birthday on Instagram. It was the same person when compared to the photo uploaded by Marcus Yip.

In the content, Marcus mentioned about developing an ambiguous relationship with the woman born in Taurus horoscope sign and hotel room as well: “What? Slowing down the pace? Perhaps some people might ask and please do not be that old-fashioned. Please mind your words and it is my principle. A room can be defined as having privacy and disallowing the public to disturb you. Mr Marcus, there is a bed and it is surely not as simple as having dinner together only? Yes, there is a bed and I book a premium room with a living room, so as not to frighten the woman.”

However, Marcus appeared to have a different mindset when the woman asked another female friend to accompany her. He asked: “Three players?” It turned out that the woman and her female friend wanted Marcus to leave first and have an enjoyable time at a beautiful hotel room. Marcus felt disappointed and said: “His hand placed it on his chest and signalled that I feel you brother. It resembles to losing everything and fortunately, there is some 6 stars comfort.”

Apparently, Marcus’ identity has been mysterious all along and he wrote posts such as Central Affairs (情陷夜中環), (BB豬) and (即AB餐) previously.