Ada Choi (蔡少芬) revealed she had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy and was expecting again upon trying her role image in Empresses in the Palace (甄嬛傳) drama during a Chinese variety show, My Dearest Ladies (我最愛的女人們) earlier. She said: “I had a miscarriage for my first pregnancy. Hence, I am looking forward to see her and realise I am pregnant after 6 months later.” She expressed Max Zhang (張晉) felt overjoyed and could not sleep and she thought about rejecting the series, but it was considered a breach of contract: “I have no idea if I am really expecting and leave it to god.” Ada also did not inform the crew team since she played an empress and everyone would be kneeling down to show his/her respect. She was not worried since there was around 7 to 8 people assisting her. Ada gave birth to her eldest daughter in May 2011.