Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) carried an expensive bag to take photographs at an opening ceremony of a handbag store in Macau on 11th May 2019. Mentioning that the netizens praised she looked fitter than her husband, Julian Cheung (張智霖) when wearing bikini during a Chinese show earlier, Anita explained she participated in a new film which gave her motivation and planned to maintain her body figure since losing weight after 2 months successfully: “Honestly, I gain some weight lately and believe it is because of my age. I used to lose weight after starving for 2 days and might die after starving for 2 weeks. (Julian has a small belly?) He is eating nutritious meals now and many said I treated him badly. It is better to hear the remarks from the netizens and Julian felt down immediately when some people commented he looked fat during a trip to Taiwan earlier. Thus, I dare not say anything further.”

Revealing that Julian suggested her to have another baby with another person since she regretted having a son only, Anita said: “Of course not. I already feel contented and should not be greedy. Perhaps the god wants me to develop my son and take care of my family well. I reckon I do not have enough time to look after another child anyway.”