Julian Cheung (張智霖) and his wife, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) accepted an interview together in a Chinese show. When mentioned about a dinner arrangement 12 years ago, Anita confessed she became a third party previously and failed to discover the opposite party was a married man, because of her materialism. Hence, she was “labelled” this past years and it was the only matter that she felt guilty towards Julian.

Anita said with tears: “I need to make a confession about my life experiences and I feel like I am hurting Julian after they understand it. It is my only regret and you can hurt me but not my loved ones. I was naive in the past and willing to accept the responsibility for my mistake. Thus, I must tell the children that we must admit to our mistake but do not expect to hurt him.”

Julian and Anita are married for 18 years and known as a “model couple” in the show business. Although she is marked as third party, but Anita does not bother about others’ thinking: “Sometimes I feel I am selfish and do not care about others’ thinking, but it is impossible to make everyone likes me and let’s forget about it! What matters most is Julian loves me!” His eyes begun to turn wet at this point.

Mentioning about his wife’s past, Julian felt regretful that he knew Anita late and failed to protect her. He believed a person would become perfect after encountering different experiences and did not mind about her past. It is evident that Julian is definitely a good man.

Source: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/87518