Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) expressed Tony Leung (梁朝偉) was finally interested to shoot a film during an activity on 10th May 2019: “I have work now and realise being a manager is not easy. There is many good scripts but he dislikes it and I feel excited that he finally agrees to film a movie. It is a good movie theme and he has not play such role character before. He will be filming within this 2 months if everything goes well.”

As Tony would be turning 57 years old on 27th June, Carina replied it did not matter if he needed to work on that day: “It does not bother me and he is nearly 60 years old. Staying healthy is the most important. (Accompanying him to work?) We do not visit each other when working in the past but I am a special manager and might need to take care of his personal needs as well. He definitely needs someone to look after him.”

Carina believed Tony’s diet was the greatest problem during the shooting: “I am fully aware of my role and identity but not him. Perhaps he might have many requests since I am his manager. (Is he very fussy?) Yes, he is quite troublesome. (He keeps nagging you?) I am tolerating and can accept at this point. (He has high expectations of you?) Yes, he thinks I am weak. (He bullies you?) Yes. (He is the only person who can bully you?) Yes. I play different roles such as his mother, wife and daughter. Nobody understands him better than me and he is an unreasonable person, and everyone must compromise him. His mother and I always bear with him and everyone is overly protective of him. (He is unreasonable?) He has many unreasonable requests such as the working hours, as he depends on the language and condition to focus on his role character. Yet, we find it reasonable after hearing his explanation.”