Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) saw a cat while running at the street a few months ago. She shared a happy and comforting incident online on 12th May 2019: “Somebody keeps that cat as a pet quickly since nobody came to look for it for a long time. Honestly, there is many kind-hearted people in this world and the owner treats the cat very nice upon visiting it several months ago. It is a big difference when it was starving and wet on that day. I feel very touched when the owner shows full of love for the cat. Thank you to the new owner for decorating the house with the cat’s toys and giving a house full of warmth.

I am considering to have another cat and waiting for an opportunity by seeing it at the street or any of my friends’ cats has given birth to a kitten. Anyway, I am very busy and let’s take it slowly. I believe the god has made the arrangement. #cat’s happiness #owner’s noble love #cat has new name #noble love #thank you to everyone’s concerns Especially to Ben and his wife and thank you for the sacrifices.”

In addition, Sammi was currently rehearsing for her upcoming concert and shared her photo online on 11th May: “Sorry! Only rehearsal photos as I have been training in the same studio daily. #phobia before the concert #feel grateful as long as my concert is successful #want to eat fried food”