According to the news source from Apple Daily HK (蘋果) on 19th May 2019, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) was pointed to date a married man, Raymond (the director of a nightclub) and the relationship involved 4 parties. In the same evening at 6.37pm, Elaine returned to TV City to shoot Bangkok Chinatown (唐人街) drama at Tseung Kwan O and many media were waiting for her. She placed her hands together and apologised: “Sorry for making everyone to wait for me.”

Elaine waited patiently for the reporters to take photographs of her and said calmly: “Firstly, I know Raymond and he has separated with Sarika for around 2 years before we end up together. Sarika and I know each other and she is aware of Raymond and I are dating.”

When asked about her current relationship status, Elaine said: “We are ordinary friends now. (What is the reason behind?) Anyway, we feel comfortable with our existing status. (Stealing someone’s husband?) Raymond and I know each other after he broke up with his wife for around 2 years until now. (How long did you break up with Raymond?) It has been some time and I am not telling the exact duration. (Any suspects in your mind when the photos are leaked out?) Yes, I feel extremely shocked and do not want to analyse further. (How many people have your photos?) You should not ask me and I have some photos too. (Bed photo?) I have no idea and it is overboard if it is true. I will discuss with the company later.”

Elaine emphasised Raymond and she were currently friends and mentioning about the possibility of their friends’ betrayal, she said: “I have already said it. (Furious about the betrayal?) It does not cross my mind. What matters most is Raymond and Sarika are separated before we date together. (Worried about other photos and video clips surfacing?) I have no clue.”

Checking if it affected her workload, Elaine said: “No notifications yet. I will be focusing on my work and nothing else matters. I will forget about it and hope to have a simple and serious romance. (Keep in contact with Raymond?) Yes, regarding about this issue. (Did he apologise to you?) You have to ask him. (Did the company reprimand you?) I have said it.”