38 years old Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) ended her 3 years relationship with billionaire, Bong Cheng (鄭子邦) in March 2018 because he refused to marry her. She has been lying low after resuming to her single status but according to a reader, Mr L from Apple Daily HK (蘋果), he exposed that Elaine had been dating one of the directors, Raymond Young from Dragon-i secretly for 8 months. It was a complicated love relationship involving 4 parties and Elaine was pointed as the third mistress.

Mr L disclosed Raymond was a married man and his wife, Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊) was an Eurasian model. They were married for 8 years and Sarika filmed a beer advertisement with Stephen Chow (周星馳) previously. She is currently one of the artistes under Bob Lam’s (林盛斌) company and the second mistress comes from another industry. Mr L also presented many intimate photos of Raymond and Elaine and one even showed they were in the bed. She wore a cap to kiss him and both went for swimming together during their vacation. They had close body contact and it is obvious that they are a couple.

Mr L said: “They knew each other around last July or August and went to Thailand together in October. At the time, Elaine was shooting TVB drama (黃金有罪) and Raymond followed her. They even celebrated Valentine’s Day together and seemed to be living together.” As another photo showed Sarika and Elaine, Mr L said: “Raymond has a second mistress and Elaine is considered the third mistress. They have a group chat and Sarika and Elaine are friends.”

Mr L also described Raymond created his “clones” and had dinner with his wife, and watched fireworks with his second and third mistresses this year. From the photos presented, Raymond hugged many Western women and it is evident that he is a player, and considered the modern version of Wei Xiaobao (韋小寶).

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190519/59406373