In February 2019, Sammi Cheung (鄭秀文) suffered from achilles tendinitis and was forced to stop her training temporarily. At the time, she needed to use crutches and begun to exercise again in early March after resting for several days. As Sammi is holding her concert at Hong Kong Coliseum in July, she is currently busy rehearsing and shared her photo online on 16th May. However, she had not fully recovered from achilles tendinitis and said: “I realise my knees are weak and have not fully recover during the rehearsal. But there is insufficient time for me to rest now and I believe I can tolerate as long as it is not very painful. Anyway, I feel grateful and it is pointless to worry. There is always a way. #the process #trust your journey #whole hearted journal #devoted #I am devoted #record the process #getting closer to my target everyday”

In addition on Instagram, Sammi uploaded photo of her beloved cat and herself: “Fatty Mike, it turned 10 years old on 15th May. Hope it will stay healthy and remain carefree at home. It is full of warmth and humour with fatty Mike around. Mike Mike and Lucky are my precious! #only perfect with them around”