38 years old Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) is exposed for dating a married man, Raymond Young and suspected of stealing someone’s husband. Although Raymond and his ex-wife, Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊) were separated, but he had been trying to pacify her yet accompanying his second and third mistresses to watch fireworks separately this year. From the surface, it is a complicated love relationship.

Based on the news source on 21st May 2019, an insider pointed Elaine was also a victim and unaware of Raymond was a player. After knowing her from a friend, Raymond begun to woo Elaine and travelled to Thailand to visit her, while she was filming the drama (黃金有罪) in last October. The bed photo was taken at the time.

During an interview, Elaine confessed they started to date after Raymond and Sarika were separated but had already broken up earlier. She did not reveal whether it was related to the second mistress but emphasised that she was asleep and had no clue about the photo taken in the bed. Checking if she was worried about any erotic video clips might be leaked out, Elaine said: “We did not record any video clips and definitely nothing.” She added she was considered a victim to a certain extent and ensured that there was no naked photo taken with Raymond.

In addition, Sarika revealed Raymond and she kept in contact all along as both dated and married for 10 years in total. They had a property under their name in Causeway Bay and Raymond is suspected to sell it away in order to pay for his ex wife’s alimony. Sarika purchased a flat in Happy Valley in her name to stay and Raymond is currently living in Sai Wan Ho (Grand Promenade).

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190521/59624653