Julian Cheung (張智霖) did the voice dubbing for The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Pet Pet當家2) film and started to keep animal as his pets since young. He had 2 dogs at home and the reason behind was to allow his son, Morton Cheung (張慕童) to develop bonding with the animals. Julian said: “One of the dogs is frightened of my son in the past but they become close after a period of time. Morton is my only son and the dog is the only companion for him.”

Julian also described the bonding between Max and the little owner, Liam in the movie resembled to a father and child: “Max places Liam as his priority and tries to protect him, but the child will grow up gradually and needs to widen his horizon. The morale of the story is to stop being overprotective and allow the child to grow up by themselves. Max and I are similar and place our children as our top priority, but need to let them learn by themselves at times.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20190517/1558102350429/%E3%80%90%E8%AE%93%E5%AD%A9%E5%AD%90%E8%87%AA%E7%94%B1%E6%88%90%E9%95%B7%E3%80%91%E5%9B%9D%E5%9B%9D12%E6%AD%B2%E5%A4%A7-%E5%BC%B5%E6%99%BA%E9%9C%96%E5%AD%B8%E7%BF%92%E6%94%BE%E6%89%8B