Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Kenny Kwan (關智斌) travelled to Hokkaido to shoot a show (斌祖二世古) together earlier. Before the trip ended, Kenny revealed the secret related to Joey that was hidden for 10 years: “In a particular year, Joey won Best Singer award and the netizens wanted to “boo” at her. I was very worried when she received the award on the stage and people really “boo” at her once on the stage.”

Joey confessed it was an impulse decision to deliver that speech at the time but believed she had the responsibility to protect her friends and colleagues. Kenny said: “Because of this incident, I decided to write the song (勇氣情歌) to support her.” Joey felt very touched after listening to it and said: “It is unexpected that Kenny will write the song lyrics because of me and I really hope to sing it during my concert.” He then explained for hiding the secret for 10 years: “I am a quiet and shy person.”

However, Kenny remarked Joey was “mean” and would always remember that she made fun of him before: “She said that I am very dashing but not everyone likes my looks.” Joey begun to laugh upon hearing it.