Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) and the owner of a cooking school, Bonnie Chu (朱庭萱) are good friends. As Elaine was pointed to involve in a complicated relationship consisting of 4 parties, Bonnie defended her: “I keep in contact with her daily and she is okay. Elaine definitely feels slightly unhappy but remains strong though. I believe the news source has some problems and making the story up. It causes some damages and delay her workload to a certain extent.” She hoped the public would understand and support Elaine.

Bonnie ensured that Elaine did not take any erotic video clips and the bed photos were taken while she was asleep. She expressed she knew Raymond Young and both did make sacrifices while dating. Bonnie described his love life was very messy and caused this issue as a result. She also believed he was not the mastermind.

Bonnie hinted: “I know somebody is trying to hurt them. Who is the biggest winner? It is obvious. (Who is the suspect?) I will not say it and it involves a few parties only. (Raymond’s ex-wife, Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊)?) There is one more person. I know they got it through an illegal method and it depends if they want to lodge a police report.”

Bonnie continued to defend Elaine that she was not a flirty and materialistic girl and the accusations by the public was unfair to her. She hoped everyone would show positive supports and stop criticising her.

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