38 years old Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) was exposed for dating 32 years old Samuel Chan (陳思銘) last year, but both parties had not admitted to it until now. On day 1 of Lunar New Year in 2019, they went for hiking together and it revealed their close relationship as a result. They were also pointed to go for holidays to Europe this January and Natalie is currently filming Bangkok Chinatown (唐人街) drama and taken photo of fetching her boyfriend after work.

On 12th May 2019, a mysterious blogger known as Marcus Yip (葉朗程) and called himself as “IFC Julian Cheung (IFC張智霖) booked a deluxe room at a 6 stars hotel to celebrate the birthday of a woman born in Taurus sign, and shared photo of Natalie’s back view. It becomes a heated discussion in the town and East Week (東周) discovered Marcus Yip turned out to be Samuel Chan.

After booking the room, that woman invited another female friend and he assumed it was “three players”. However, she told him to leave and planned to stay in the room with her female friend only. Hence, he felt disappointed and the back view, outfit and background setting looked exactly the same when compared to the photo of Natalie making a birthday wish on 3rd May. As such, many netizens suspected Marcus Yip was actually Natalie’s new love, Samuel Chan.

When asked about it, Samuel denied it: “Everyone should respect him since that writer wants to keep his identity mysterious. My name is Samuel Chan and it is Marcus’s story and unrelated to Natalie.” On the other hand, Marcus also denied he was Samuel Chan and taller than him: “Never eat together with Natalie at all.” Based on some loopholes, East Week discovered the mysterious blogger, Marcus Yip was Samuel Chan.

From the both parties’ messages and photos, Marcus Yip and Samuel Chan pursued their studies in England previously, drove Tesla vehicle and loved to run. In addition, Marcus shared photo of a baggage allowance and it was the same when Samuel used it for his Korea trip in April. As Samuel complimented a recruitment notice in New World Hong Kong in March, Marcus booked a hotel room in the same month and praised the hotel staff. Ever wonder if it is really a coincidence?

Source: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/87713