After ending the 3 years romance with her ex-boyfriend, Bong Cheng (鄭子邦), the public assume TVB actress, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) is single until the news reported that she was dating a married man, Raymond Young for 8 months and involving in a complicated love relationship. During the separation with his ex-wife, Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊), their relationship remained unclear and Elaine became his “third mistress”, since Raymond had a “second mistress” as well.

Apparently, Elaine broke up with Raymond some time ago and their bed photo was leaked out on 19th May 2019. During an exclusive interview with East Week (東周), Elaine emphasised she was not a homewrecker and did not expect the photos taken during their Thailand trip were exposed: “I am certain somebody did that purposely and wants to implicate me. Honestly, I am one of the victims too.”

Based on an insider’s information, Elaine knew Raymond through their common friends and he begun to woo her. He also confessed to Elaine that he separated with his ex-wife, Sarika and prepared the divorce procedure. The insider said: “While shooting new drama (黃金有罪) in Thailand in last October, Elaine felt surprised that Raymond visited her and both had an enjoyable time together. Raymond even took photo of Elaine sleeping on the bed without her knowledge.

However, Raymond hid from Elaine that he was trying to pacify Sarika during their separation and accompany his “second mistress” to watch fireworks together. Hence, Elaine was kept in the dark and became the “third mistress”.

When mentioned about stealing someone’s husband during an interview with East Week, Elaine said firmly: “I believe it is not this issue. You have to ask his ex-wife and I reckon everyone knows what has happened.” She admitted that Raymond and his ex-wife were separated for more than a year before knowing him and dating together for 8 months: “Based on my knowledge, our relationship started after his ex-wife and he were separated. We know each other through our friends and enjoy chatting together. It is definite that I need to understand the opposite party before dating and I treated him as a partner and boyfriend.”

Not long ago, Elaine ended this relationship and said: “We remain as friends and meet up together. (What is the reason behind the break up?) It is over anyway. We have a good friendship and I do not wish to comment about his love affair.”