Joey Yung (容祖兒) suffered from a cold and hoarse voice during the press conference for her concert in early May 2019. On 24th May, she felt helpless and remained weak even after sick for a month during an activity: “I have taken many medicines and feel much better now. Looks like I really “fan tai sui” and my mother has already helps me to pray at the temple. Hopefully I will recover soon.”

Joey expressed she was cautious when driving due to “fan tai sui” this year and nearly had a car accident: “I cannot see another car clearly upon turning into Eastern District. Luckily, nothing happened and I have stopped talking while driving at the same time.”

In order to protect her voice and prepare for her upcoming concert in mid June, Joey started to talk softer and became a gentle person: “I used to talk very loud but not anymore now. I will be watching together with George Lam (林子祥). My friends told me to protect my voice and sounded weak when talking to them. Hence, it makes me look fierce and I must practise.”