Kenix Kwok (郭可盈), Pansy Ho (何超瓊), Tse Ling Ling (謝玲玲) and her eldest daughter, Emily Lam (林恬兒) attended the wine auction at night on 24th May 2019. Kenix felt relieved as her daughter’s examination was finally over and was planning for the summer holidays. As her daughter loved South Korean band, Blackpink whom would be holding their concert in Macau in June, Kenix managed to get 3 most expensive tickets but had to stand since they could shake hands: “Have to stand for 2 hours and it should be fine. I will be clueless at Korean trend if not accompanying my daughter to watch concert together.”

Kenix added her daughter followed Blackpink to dance and sing and recorded a video clip of her. When asked if she allowed her daughter to learn acting in Korea, Kenix explained her daughter was only 9 years old and studies was the top priority. She did not mind her to worship idols and listen to songs from an admiration perspective.