47 years old Pinky Cheung (張文慈) goes for stage performances in Mainland China frequently and has interactions with her fans. One of her female fans will turn up to show her support to Pinky in all events without fail. Pinky treats her as a sister but the opposite party turns out to be a crazy fan who affects her personal life to a great extent. On 29th May 2019, Pinky posted a long message on Instagram: “I have been maintaining a good relationship with my fans all along but a crazy fan has been disturbing, threatening and slandering me in recent years. Initially, she is alright and I treat her as a sister and tolerate her even when she makes many unreasonable requests subsequently.”

However, that crazy fan is getting overboard and exceeding Pinky’s bottom limit. The opposite party will throw her temper and find another “helper” to scold and accuse Pinky including her family. Lately, she travelled to Hong Kong and left messages in different name to the paging station used by Pinky for work purpose. She claimed to be pregnant and nearly had a miscarriage and blamed it on Pinky for “killing her baby”. She also posted a message in a man name and demanded to see Pinky immediately at her flat downstairs. Pinky said: “It seriously affects my work and personal life especially my family. My tolerance makes it worse and she accuses me of being greedy when giving me presents in the past. She has been slandering me everywhere and I have no choice but to seek legal protection and lodge a police report.”

Pinky believed everyone had freedom of speech in the society but could not slander others: “Bullying is a secret killing weapon. I choose to lodge a police report in order to protect my family and myself. My conscience is clear and I am not scared even at the court. Other fans whom have been accompanying me for more than 10 years should understand my personality and I hope it will be over soon. Justice will prevail!” The public urged her to keep a distance from her fans after this incident but Pinky believed it was a special exception and the remaining fans were good to her.

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