Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) is pointed to be involved with an online writer, Marcus Yip (葉朗程) lately and he shared a story about booking the hotel room for a woman born in Taurus horoscope, and photo of her back view as well. As her hairstyle and accessories were similar to Natalie, many netizens suspected the woman was Natalie Tong.

During the dinner gathering for new drama, Bangkok Chinatown (唐人街) on 29th May 2019, Natalie explained she worked during her birthday and it was an unforgettable memory when the crew team gave her a birthday cake. When mentioned that she was suspected to be the female lead in the story, Natalie replied many people asked her but it was unrelated to her and she decided to ignore it, since it was fake news. (Are you that person in the photo?) I have that dress and it looks similar though. I did wear it when having dinner with my friends previously.”

Revealed that Marcus Yip was suspected as her rumoured boyfriend, Natalie responded she did not know him and would be terrified if her friend uploaded the photo, as it was a betrayal and she believed a good friend would not do that.