Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) injured his head during the location shooting of The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 (降魔的2.0) drama a few days ago. He was admitted into the hospital immediately and was rumoured to lose consciousness during the journey. At 3pm on 27th May 2019, Hubert wore black sports attire with a mask and walked out of the hospital slowly with his manager and assistant. He greeted the reporters and allowed them to take photos of him, but rejected to remove his mask as he looked unpleasant on that day.

When asked about his body condition, Hubert said: “I am recovering well but need to rest though. (How long?) The doctor said it might take a few months for full recovery and should be okay since I am young. (Injured which part of your head?) Cannot really remember. (Aware of it after falling down?) Not really. (Shocked?) I have to ask my colleagues as really cannot remember. I am okay after the check-up. (Bleeding?) I do not think so. (Unconscious for some time?) Cannot really recall. (Slow reaction?) Feel tired and slightly dizzy. The doctor said it is normal. (Cannot remember anything?) I guess so and it should be alright. (Any side effects?) The doctor said I should be fine after taking a rest. (Finish your scenes?) Near the ending and there is some scenes though. (Action scenes?) I reckon I need to rest longer. (Use stuntman?) It depends on the company’s arrangement. (Working with Jinny Ng (吳若希) in America?) Hopefully I will recover soon. (Any medical check-up?) Yes.”