Based on the news source from Apple Daily HK (蘋果) on 19th May 2019, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) was dating Raymond Young, (楊偉文) the ex director of a nightclub and involving in a complicated relationship consisting of his ex wife, Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊) and second mistress. Elaine accepted an interview immediately and explained their romance started after Raymond and his wife were separated. She had broken up with him and their bed photo was taken without her knowledge.

A few days ago, Apple Daily HK received information from another reader who called herself as the second mistress, Miss A. She presented two photos of Elaine wearing white swimsuit and hugging Raymond while looking at the camera, and a voice recording clip resembling Elaine’s voice. Miss A said: “The photos are taken based on GPS and there is the location and time. They were together in Bangkok in last October and how can she be unaware of the bed photo?”

Miss A pointed that Elaine knew Raymond had been trying to pacify his wife, Sarika and thought of joining force with the second mistress to persuade him to sign on the divorce paper: “She is willing to be the third mistress. Raymond tries to break up with her several times but Elaine wants to win and fight against the second mistress.” Apparently, there is no “force” intention in the voice clip but Elaine complained to the second mistress that Raymond had a childish character.

Below is the contents of the voice clip:

“He should be more mature. Otherwise, his wife will not leave him. I have been telling him and finally understand the reason about his wife leaving him.”

“Of course, he will not tell me that his wife left him as he is a player. He did say Sarika feels unhappy as he seldom spends time with her since working in a nightclub. He said he lacks of time due to working everyday. He used to have lots of time when he is penniless and begins to earn money, but has insufficient time.”

“He must be thinking that his wife will definitely leave him and I believe he deliberately lets loose of himself. If he really wants Sarika to return to his side, he should change for the better and prove his true love to her. He should stop flirting with the girls.”

“Finally, I exposed him that my friends knew his wife and saw his photo with Sarika on Instagram. He could not deny it as I kept asking him. I told him I will ask him the last time but he continued to deny it.”

“When we went back to his house, he stopped the car suddenly and said he seemed to see you at his flat downstairs. I told him I could not see anything and reckoned he wanted me to leave from his body language. However, I refused to give in and insisted to go to his house.”

When asked about the conversation between Elaine and the second mistress during an interview from Apple Daily HK a couple of days ago, Sarika laughed and said: “Haha! I am totally clueless why people keep discussing about me and have not give any comment until now. (Left Raymond because he is a player?) I have said it before. We are together for many years and separation is not because of one or two reasons only.”