Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) has been updating the rehearsal for her upcoming concert on her Instagram account lately. On 28th May 2019, she shared a photo and discussed about mood disorder on Instagram: “Majority understand about the life of an invisible person and we cannot affect others because of our mood disorder especially when having a big responsibility and working with a group of people. It becomes an unforgivable sin.

Mood disorder is an obstacle and resembles an additional organ attached to the wrong part of our bodies. Our main purpose is to work and do our job well, and not to handle other people mood disorder. Please control your mood and you can show it after finishing your work.

It is an experience in our lives and do you agree? Although we feel angry, but it is unnecessary to show it to our boss.

#I am angry with my knees 3 days ago but feel better now and try not to affect my team members #who does not have inner thoughts? #who does not have stress? #who does not have difficult times? #who does not have happy secret? #who does not have speechless moment? #who does not have history? #who does not make mistake? #who has the right to determine your personality?”