It was Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) first public appearance at a press conference for a medical centre on 29th May 2019 after giving birth to her son, Jacob in March. She wore a loose dress and felt very contented and happy to see her son everyday, and he kept looking at her as well.

Eliza expressed she could wear her old jeans but it was slightly tighter and would be regaining her fit body figure after losing several pound: “My son is around 2 months old and I have enough resting. It is time for me to resume my work and I feel elated and look forward to it when applying cosmetic in the make-up room. (Filming drama again?) Slowing down my work pace now. (Start to miss your son before going out?) Yes, I must look at him and sniff him but feel happy when working though. Anyway, it is important to maintain a balance.”