Marco Ngai (魏駿傑) has been managing his food business in China in recent years. He expressed he had no intention to make a comeback in show business but was fine with making cameo appearance initially. In early 2019, Marco accepted the invitation to shoot a new film (夢醒黃金城) based on business competition and it would be airing in worldwide around July or August.

Marco said: “I am getting old and fat but it increases my confidence after filming the movie. The online clicking in Mainland China reaches more than 7 million once the preview clip is released. For my daughter’s sake, I give up on my early retirement plan and continue my work.”

He added he did not mind filming drama again as long as there was a good script: “Playing a psycho killer, villain and doctor is fine with me but not a cop again.” Marco needed to film one drama based on the contract with TVB and nobody liaised with him until now.