Christine Kuo (茍芸慧) attended an event organised by a culinary school on 30th May 2019. She expressed she would be learning to bake croissant in the school and making healthy desserts to share with her husband, William Lok (陸漢洋) and good friends: “My hubby earns the greatest benefit. (How are you going to work as the course requires more than 500 hours?) I am worried initially but will not give up since I have started it. This course is good and my instructor offers make-up classes due to my workload. What matters most is to get the highest marks and I will be getting my good friends to try it.”

Christine confessed she loved to cook and boil soup for William frequently: “He has simple request and loves to drink pig bone soup. The weather is wet lately and I will boil soup with Chinese herbs and barley for him. I also boil crocodile meat soup to nourish his lungs as he usually inhales lots of exhaust gas while car racing.”