Ruco Chan was invited to the dinner gathering for new drama, Bangkok Chinatown (唐人街) on 29th May 2019 and hoped it would be wrapped up in 2 to 3 days times. He planned to concentrate on taking care of his daughter and said: “I have been working continuously for the past 2 months but get to see my daughter at home every night and it is a big matter if she is awaken.”

Ruco expressed it resembled to stepping into ICU upon returning home as he needed to use disinfectant and took shower immediately. When asked about helping his daughter to take a shower and change the diapers, Ruco said: “I remembered it is similar to fighting in a battle after they are discharged from the hospital for the first 2 days. I get to learn to feed milk and change diapers and it is quite fun when fighting with my wife, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) to change diapers. She gets to stay at home to look after our daughter and I need to work, but it shows I can do it too.”