Kenneth Ma (馬國明) watched the premiere of new drama, Big White Duel (白色強人) on 3rd June 2019. He revealed a stuntman was arranged to shoot Hubert Wu’s (胡鴻鈞) scenes in The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 (降魔的2.0) series and Hubert would be filming action and close-up scenes personally after his recovery. Kenneth also visited Hubert who was recovering well but felt tired at times and emphasised: “Please do not exaggerate on his injury and assume he is silly after that. His thinking reflects a normal person and he even feels bored sometimes.”

Kenneth added he would be having a break and going for stage performance in Mainland China after participating in several promotion activities for Big White Duel drama. He revealed Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) scandal did not affect his work but rejected to disclose if he kept in contact with her. Kenneth was also unaware of the rumours related to the compensation demanded from her: “Only the company knows about this and they have responded as well. (Go for holidays during your break?) Nope. I will be continuing my work and please let me off.”