32 years old Yang Mi (楊冪) ended her 5 years marriage with Hawick Lau (劉愷威) last year and their daughter, Noemie Lau (小糯米) continues to stay in Hong Kong with her grandfather, Lau Dan (劉丹). As Noemie turned 5 years old on 1st June 2019, Yang Mi travelled to Hong Kong to celebrate her birthday in low-key manner. A video clip of Yang Mi appearing in a Chinese variety show goes viral lately and it is her first time to discuss about children education problems, and she hopes the kids will enjoy a carefree life.

Upon seeing the sentence, the danger to the children including it is meaningless to support you, the parent does not want you if you continue it, when did I promise you, it is for your own good and I told you before but you do not listen in the Chinese show (密室大逃脫), Yang Mi changed to a stern expression immediately and emphasised she would not say that to her child, as it was important to get the recognition and encouragement from the elderlies. She said: “We must respect the child’s choice and she is an independent person. We must give them privacy and allow them to make choices. Hopefully every child will have a healthy spirit, love his/ her life and enjoy a carefree life. I really wish they will get to live their desired lives.”

After announcing their divorce at the time, Yang Mi was rumoured to fight for her daughter’s custody and exposed for being an irresponsible mother for spending 37 days with her daughter only within 3 years. She clarified in the friends’ group chat immediately: “Please stop the speculation if you are unclear about the situation. It is unnecessary to show it and it does not mean that I do not love her and work everyday.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190602/59668191