Amigo Choi (崔建邦) took his beloved dog to attend the press conference of a new show (我的寵物) on 3rd June 2019. His dog appeared to lose control and sniff the female celebrities’ legs and it made the owner felt very embarrassed.

During an interview, Amigo pointed its actions resembled to a crazy dog and his tears came down when it was nearly lost once. He said: “I live in a village house. Once, it was chasing a cat and I begun to cry after failing to find my dog for 30 minutes. Finally, I found it waiting in front of the house and hugged it immediately.”

When mentioned about marrying his girlfriend, Jessica from another industry in end 2019, Amigo denied it and said: “I have thought about setting up a family since little but have no intention to get married in end 2019. My girlfriend is good but I need to earn more money first.”