55 years old Ken Lok (駱達華) left Hong Kong and developed his career in Mainland China for many years. He married a Chinese celebrity, Lu Yan (盧燕) subsequently and his daughter, Natalie Lok (駱欣言) is currently 17 years old. He played a big villain previously and is a kind-hearted father now.

Meg Lam (林建明) and Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬) hosted ViuTV show (林盧去追星) together and visited Ken who resided in Shanghai for many years lately. Meg called Ken as godfather upon seeing him and it made him surprised. Meg explained Baby Bo (寶珮如) and she hosted a ATV programme together in the 1980s and called Baby as godmother since they established good rapports. Hence, both called each other as godmother and goddaughter and Ken happened to date Baby at the time, and became her godfather as a result. Despite the ended romance, but Meg continued to call Ken as godfather.

In the show, they went to Shanghai Film Park Tickets (車墩影視樂園) and Ken was recalled of eating lunch boxes during his old days when filming series in Hong Kong, upon taking Meg and Ho Pang to the audition and eating at the drama set. Ken missed the lifestyle in Hong Kong when working in China and Hoi Pang did not mind the taste of the lunch box. He said: “I feel happy to have a lunch box as it shows that I get to earn money on that day.”

When asked about the reason for leaving Hong Kong at the time, Ken said: “The company wanted to recruit newcomers to replace the old staff and I feel it is meaningless to continue working there, after discussing with my wife. Hence, I decided to terminate the contract and venture my career in Mainland China.”

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190603/59671765