Toby Chan (陳庭欣) took her parrot, Shabushabu to attend the press conference of a new show (我的寵物) on 2nd June 2019. Earlier, Shabushabu was lost for 4 days and she managed to find it with the help from the kind-hearted people. Toby pointed it was very quiet for the first 2 days and back to normal after that: “I asked where did it go to. Chase after any girls? It only replied “uh” and luckily it was fine and gained weight as well.”

Toby exposed her father lost Shabushabu once and her tears came down secretly due to the worry: “It serves as a lesson to my father. I recognise the direction to my house if he ever loses me. I also keep another 3 parrots as pet and there is 6 parrots at home now. I will announce if any good news.”