It has been a long time since Amy Chan (陳秀雯) makes an on-screen appearance and ViuTV new drama (教束) starring Dick Liu (廖啟智), Brian Wong (黃澤鋒), Vikki Tong (唐韋琪) and her will be making its debut on 10th June 2019. Amy played a vice-principal and tried to stop Dick whom acted as a principal to implement the subsidy scheme.

Amy revealed she planned to turn down the invitation from ViuTV due to the hardship of filming and agreed to it immediately, once knowing that she was playing a principal. She said: “Because I can act as a vice-principal and it happens in the drama only. Hence, I decide to give it a try and feel very lucky that I do not need to shoot at night. I am used to filming series day and night upon joining the industry and sleep 2 hours every night only. I become very haggard and cannot even recognise myself.”