Chin Siu Ho (錢小豪) has a 28 years old son, Chin King Fung (龐景峰) who is charged for driving a vehicle without a driving licence. On 5th June 2019, he admitted to driving a vehicle without a driving licence offence and a valid third party insurance at the Magistrates’ Courts in Eastern District, and the hearing will be conducted on 26th June.

Siu Ho felt shocked about his son’s offence upon mentioning it at a dinner banquet on 5th June and said: “Huh? No wonder he dares not look for me these past few days. He has no driving licence? (King Fung said he had a driving licence in America but not Hong Kong?) Perhaps he assumes he can drive in Hong Kong with a driving licence in America? He does not know the law at all. (Teach him?) Yes, he needs to have an appropriate driving licence in order to drive in different countries.” Siu Ho emphasised his son was confused with the law and would not drive without a valid driving licence if aware of it.