On 19th May 2019, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) is discovered for dating a married man, Raymond Young (ex-director of Dragon-i) and involving in a complicated love relationship. Other than having a beautiful wife, Sarika Choy (蔡宛珊), Raymond has a “second mistress” and his bed photos with Elaine are discovered as well. Although Elaine and Sarika draw a separate line with Raymond, but the news continue to go viral.

Earlier, an insider, Miss A who claimed herself as a good friend of Raymond’s “second mistress” presented many photos of Elaine looking at the camera while in the bed with Raymond and a voice clip suspected to belong to Elaine and the “second mistress” was leaked out. The identity of the “second mistress” remains a mystery until now.

Recently, an insider revealed the real identity of the “second mistress” to East Week HK (東周). Her name was Natalie Kam and she worked as a secretary in Dragon-i after her graduation. Based on the description from the insider, Natalie looked ordinary and innocent and managed to gain Raymond’s trust quickly when he was the business director at the time. In order to climb up the ladder quicker, she took the opportunity to get close to him and keep in close contact.

The insider added that Natalie worked in cosmetic department in Sogo after resigning her job in Dragon-i but left Hong Kong after the relationship between Elaine and Raymond was exposed last month. Besides that, Sarika gave a light response when replying to the reporters about her ex-husband’s relationship affair: “I will not analyse and give any comment whether Raymond has two, three or four affairs. I am not going to interfere in his private affair after our separation.” Finally according to an insider, Raymond and Sarika were in an unclear relationship for a long time after filing for divorce. Before, she was less calm, kept confiding to her good friends and even her mother was aware of Raymond having an extra-marital affair.

Source: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/88134