Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒) accepted an interview at the radio station on 6th June 2019. He was a Christian and spent $100,000 to pursue a 4 years external studies in religious course at an university in Chicago. Sammul explained: “Because my family members are Christians for the past 5 generations and it has been my father’s wish to see me being a graduate. Plus, I am “summoned by the god” and it is time for me to continue my studies.”

Sammul did not reveal if he was going to become a priest after graduating and believe that priest was only a title. He received supports from his family and friends and hoped to widen his horizon.

When asked if he planned to have any breakthrough for his role character in a Chinese new film (封神榜萬仙之戰) upon beginning the shooting in China from 10th June, Sammul was considering the factors: “I will not film supernatural theme and have not tried to play a villain, killer and speak vulgarity before. (Are you participating in the show (反修例大遊行) on 9th June?) I will be working in China.”