Chris Lai (黎諾懿) spoke Mandarin in Hong Kong ascent in TVB show, Wishful Living (如果這樣生活) which attracted criticisms from the netizens. He expressed he felt embarrassed and was a bad example during a beauty event on 8th June 2019. Chris told the children not to learn from him.

When the reporters suggested him to practise his Mandarin by singing Mandarin songs, Chris rejected it as he knew his limit: “My manager did tell me to sing Mandarin song for the stage performances in Mainland China but I know my limit. It might produce an adverse effect but it is alright when filming drama as there is voice dubbing.”

In addition, Chris admitted that was the reason behind for working in China rarely and dared not accept to shoot reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad? (爸爸去哪兒). Hence, he planned to make use of his son to improve his Mandarin language: “I will sit in the class as a parent whenever my son goes for English and Mandarin lessons and it is cheaper too.”