Ms Hong Kong winner, Hera Chan (陳曉華) makes it debut as the second female lead in new drama (網絡騙案) lately. She was supposed to start work in end May 2019 but the shooting was cancelled because of the weather and Hera called herself unlucky.

In early June, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) bumped into Hera and Matt Yeung (楊明) who played a cop at the location shooting in Kowloon City. Around 2pm, Hera walked to the wrong position and her acting skills was stiff once the camera started rolling. She also appeared nervous when rehearsing the script with the team and had little interactions with Matt during the break.

While waiting for his scenes, Matt stood near the rubbish bin to smoke and chat with the staff. He then entered into a barbecue accessories shop and walked out empty-handed. Subsequently, Matt took a chair to sit down by himself and the newcomer, Hera took a water bottle and make-bag along. She placed her cosmetic bag at one side and the staff told Hera to put it in a private car upon seeing it.

When filming the scene, both had an argument with a woman who pushed Hera to the ground. During an interview previously, Hera mentioned that it was hot and humid on that day and felt painful after shooting the falling down scene many times. She believed it was harder to shoot action scenes. In addition, the crew team saw the film director, Wilson Chin (錢國偉) and his wife who greeted them and conversed with the film director of the drama.