Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Roy Tsui (林日曦), Michael Ning (白只) and Rosa Maria Velasco (韋羅莎) will be performing in the stage play (大辭職日) in July 2019. A few days ago, they accepted an interview at Causeway Bay and Michael and Rose felt nervous upon seeing Jessica and Roy. Michael said: “I play a newcomer in the company and should feel relaxed when doing creativity work, but have to face many politics. One of the scenes requires me to hug Jessica and I dare not as she is Jessica.” Jessica said: “No problem at all.”

Jessica expressed working with a group of youngsters made her felt younger: “Everyone is very scared of me. Perhaps they watch too many drama and feel I am a serious and stern person. My role character has a slight resemblance to “Ms Mall” but more humour though. (How to break the barrier?) As an actress, I need to be proactive and they might think that I am crazy at a later stage.”

Mentioning about the “last resignation” from TVB, Jessica said: “Cannot say resignation but leaving after the contract has ended. I worked in TVB for 18 years after my graduation and it is a comfort zone problem. It is a very stable environment and I have been playing female lead roles. Many people urge me to widen my horizon but I dare not and dismiss the leaving thought. I really feel happy to explore other role characters after my departure though.”

As for Rosa, she remarked Roy was “scarier” and said: “We have not build the bonding yet. I am fine with Michael but feel nervous upon facing Jessica and Roy. I am clueless at approaching them sometimes and get to know the team better after rehearsing together earlier.”

Lastly, Roy and the team discussed about 100 reasons for resignation and when asked about the best reason, he said: “Everyone has his/her dreams. I have no interest in the backend operation at the time and keep thinking of resigning. It is boring to work in the same place and we need some changes. (Worry about staff resignation as the boss?) Nope. Some staff resign because they want to pursue their dreams or try working holiday. Anyway, everyone has different reason.”