After the scandal between Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) was exposed, Mr former Hong Kong contestant, Flow Leung (梁裕恆) is suspected to take advantage of it and pointed Jacqueline was a “victim” as well. Lately, he uploaded photo of a group chat in WhatsApp showing a person called M.Y remarked if the protestor was crazy. M.Y commented again with four smiling symbols when two people left the group chat. Subsequently, Flow exposed M.Y was Matt Yeung (楊明) and the group chat was created during the filming for Airport Security Unit (機場特警) drama. Other than Matt, it included Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Owen Cheung (張振朗), Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and more than 10 backend staff. It is totally unexpected that other’s anger become the laughing stock for the celebrities.

Although Matt has not responded, but Lisa Chong (莊思明) suddenly defended him on Instagram on 17th June 2019 by posting a message: “Why is it deleted? Is he hiding something?” It is obvious that she is referring to Flow who usually posts and deletes messages.

On 18th June, Flow replied to Lisa’s message on Instagram and confessed he loved to take advantages. He recalled of trying to reason with TVB senior management in the past and they could see that he would not listen to instructions: “I believe everyone should know the culture in TVB.” Flow also claimed himself fighting for the weak since small: “As for Matt Yeung, you should be seeing me at the procession in the video clip uploaded on Facebook on 9th June. I went to the front line and witnessed the police using violence several time on 12th June. Two protestors’ lives were in danger and I am really clueless about why some people are mentioning in the group chat. Hence, two TVB staff left the group chat in anger and why did Matt show such attitude upon facing this issue? I feel he goes overboard when laughing about two people leaving the group chat.”

Next, Flow explained about the reason for uploading the group chat online: “The public should reprimand him and know his evil deed. As for me, I will be scolded by the company and “apple polisher” in the group chat only. I am an “extra” and nobody will help me when scolding a famous celebrity.” Apparently from 2008 onward, Flow has been criticising about the politics and unfairness in the society. He emphasised he was unsuitable to be an actor and decided to focus on his training job because of his character.

In addition, Flow shared photo of a naked back view and posted an online message: “It was taken before participating in Mr Hong Kong contest and the senior management asked me about the reason for taking this photo during the interview. I asked them if there was any problems as I believed there was nothing wrong at all. (I post it in order to attract people to read my message)”